Bucks County Portrait Artist

The “Tipping Point” is the one dramatic moment in a creation when change occurs, a place where the unexpected becomes possible and radical change a certainty. Art powerful enough to overwhelm inherent predispositions reaffirms potential for change and the power of imaginative, creative, intelligent action.

Art born of imagination brings together the eternal and the temporal, the divine and the human, Universal Intelligence and the realities of our world. It brings power to the creation of beautiful, memorable art, art which stops time and inspires meaning in life.

I believe truly authentic art comes from imagination. The artist interprets his experience and knowledge in a new, innovative way. The highest form of expression is in the truth of the artist’s vision of beauty and meaning resulting in sincerely original art. Entering the world of imagination can inspire the breath and spirit of a unique and personal vision.

My “Tipping Point” occurred late in life leading to a quest to make art which in a finite way will share in the eternal act of creation. I focus on time and space through the metaphor of luminous horizon light as transitions to rebirth and renewal. The images of celestial light rays and flowing water in my paintings are distinct but not separate from their source. They are my vision of God’s existence in my life. My romantic, conceptual paintings, oil on canvas and wood, are interpretations of our natural world, the spirit world and the infinite worlds that surround us.

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